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Saturday, February 28, 2015, 7pm

In 1974, Anthony McCall was one of 38 artists who participated in Jean Dupuy's "Soup & Tart" at The Kitchen in New York. In the spirit of this event, a homemade menu of soup and tarts will be served and 40 Portland artists will each perform two-minute pieces for the performance “menu."

SCREENING: SOUP & TART, JEAN DUPUY 1974-75 (shown during the meal)

"Soup & Tart" is a fascinating document of a marathon performance soiree organized by multimedia artist Jean Dupuy at the Kitchen on November 30, 1974. Dupuy invited over 30 downtown artists, musicians, and filmmakers to each give a two-minute performance. The audience was first served a home-made dinner of soup, bread, apple tarts and wine, which was followed by the performance "menu." Both the audience and performers are seen in a casual, playful mode; Philip Glass performs a percussive vocal piece, Hannah Wilke poses in a series of memorable tableaux, Gordon Matta-Clark cuts and serves a cake in the form of a house. Among the many other performers are Charles Atlas, Joan Jonas, Richard Serra and Yvonne Rainer. This document of Dupuy's freewheeling performance event is a rare time capsule of the Soho art and music scene of the early 1970s.


Intisar Abioto
Linda Austin
Bobby Bonaparte
Hannah Piper Burns
Kris Cohen
Jodie Cavalier
Allison Cobb
Jen Coleman
Eli Coplan
Modou Dieng
Kris Doty
David Eckard
Caley Feeney
Robert Duncan Gray
Daniel J. Glendening
Laura Heit
Linden How
Sarah Hwang
Leif J. Lee
Sam Lohmann
Paul Maziar
Alicia McDaid
Nour Mobarak
Seth Nehil
Travis Nikolai
C.E. Putnam
Morgan Ritter
Danielle Ross
Emily Seabroke
Katie Shook
Robert Sitton
Justin Smith
Tim Stigliano
Tyler Stuart
Abigail Susik
Mary Sutton
Reid Lee Urban
Micah Weber
Daniel Weinberg
Kelly Wells
Gary Wiseman
James Yeary