Dear Friends, Supporters, Collaborators, and Visitors,

Zena Zezza’s 2021 has been a transformational year, realizing our 2020 year-end commitment to a transition from thinking and research to producing our seventh Artist Project Season, YANG FUDONG—Yejiang/The Nightman Cometh to Dawn Breaking. Presenting Yang Fudong—an internationally recognized contemporary Shanghai-based artist/filmmaker—at the historic 1857 Hallock & McMillan, Portland’s oldest building in the heart of Portland’s Old Town Chinatown, foregrounds hope and inspiration following the myriad challenges of 2020.

Your participation as a donor, member, friend, and visitor is more meaningful than ever. Zena has been extremely fortunate to have received a significant Cultural Development Grant from the Oregon Cultural Trust to realize Yang’s season. Reinhabiting the 1857 building and presenting an ambitious installation of five films with upcoming screenings and performative dialogues events, however, would not be possible without your support. Zena’s most crucial foundation is you—those who visit and attend events, and those who are watching and engaging from afar with our seventh season.

With much to look forward to in 2022, we continue to rely on your help and generosity to support contemporary artists and guests from other fields to present challenging discursive and performative programs for you and new audiences, while building on the diversity and community connections Yang’s season invites. We are enriched by the generosity of our supporters and committed to sharing our resources. While Zoom remains an option for 2022, we aspire when possible to host in-person gatherings and conversations that move us beyond this moment.

Please join us and support our work by making a year-end donation, becoming a member, or purchasing artists’ books and editions.  Any amount from $5 and up as a one time or monthly gift makes a difference. We look forward to welcoming you to the  Yang Fudong exhibition in the remaining days of 2021 and into the New Year and to more opportunities for conversation and conviviality in 2022. 

We remain mindful, creative, and grateful, and thank you for continuing to support Zena Zezza with your generosity. 

Sandra Percival, founding Director and Curator

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Please join us and SUPPORT our work by making a year-end donation, becoming a member, or purchasing artists’ books and editions.